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Ad.Guru Solutions

Publisher Solutions

Best Google AdSense alternative advertising network. Support for both adult and mainstream websites!

Advertising Solutions

Choose from thousands of top premium sites all around the world. Set your targeting & reach the highest ROI!

Ad Formats

Lots of high impact advertising formats to choose from. High quality and engaging ads to deliver results!

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Tap into one of the largest marketplace of premium campaigns and get the most of your ad space with CPC and CPM rates.

  • Access to AdExchange (AdX) and other premium demands.
  • Premium direct campaigns at the highest CPM.
  • Available for desktop, mobile and tablet (AMP & APP Support).
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Grow your revenue while maximizing your customer engagement through our effective and scalable video solutions.

  • In-Stream & Out-Stream video formats.
  • Premium direct video campaigns at highest CPM & fill-rate.
  • Support for Javascript, VAST/VPAID & IMA tags.
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