• banner-ads


    Classic display banners in many sizes: 160x600, 300x250, 300x500, 728x90 and 900x250

  • outstream-Video
    Outstream Video

    Outstream video ads automatically play on mute when viewable on screen and pause when out of view. The video can remain on-screen to be replayed or closed when the video ends.

  • recommendation-widget

    Native Recommendation Widget

    Our native advertising offers a fully customizable widget that features images and a short text: title and description. Our native ads are fully responsive across all devices: desktop, mobile and tablet.

  • sticky-banner

    Sticky Banner

    A display banner that can be made to ‘stick’ in a specific position on a desktop screen, 9 positions are available. The sticky banner comes in various sizes: 160x600, 300x250, 728x90 and 900x250.

  • popunders


    A popunder, triggered when a user clicks anywhere on the page, appears hidden behind the main browser window where it remains unnoticed until the main browser window is closed or minimized. Leaving the user's attention focused on the advertisement.

  • instant-message

    Instant Message

    Typically, a copy of the instant messenger chat box.This ad format appears to users by displaying an ad at the bottom right of the page. Very efficient for dating and livecam products.

  • fullpage-interstitial

    Fullpage Interstitial

    Classic Full Page Interstitial: horizontal. Opens on internal link and can be closed by viewer.

  • in-stream-video

    In-Stream Video

    Works with all major video players and automatically plays when a consumer clicks on a website's video content. Customizable with clickable calls to action. CPV based, this format has a very high conversion rate.

  • video-slider

    Video Slider

    Automatically slides in and plays ad. Customizable with frequency capping and close button delay. A slider can remain on-screen to be replayed or close when the video ends.

  • native-exit

    Native Exit

    Our Native Exit format detects when a visitor moves their mouse off the page(typically to close the tab), and gives you one more opportunity to engage.

  • push-notifications

    Push notifications

    With Push Notification Ads, you can target existing and also new customers with great offers and promotions directly to their desktop web browser or mobile device.

  • multi-format

    With Multi-Format you can add multiple zones of different ad formats to this single zone. Either by stacking them in a grid layout or by having them compete against each other for maximum revenue.

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